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Nigeria is certainly one of the most populated countries in the the world, Ranking No 1 in Africa. Nigeria is faced with no different challenges than what is obtainable in other highly populated developing countries of India, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh etc. There are 36 States in Nigeria with their state capitals also to note is the Abuja FCT, which of course not a state but the city home of Administration in Nigeria.

In our ranking, we considered so many topical issues about urban life including but not limited to Accommodation, Transportation, Cost of Items,  Fashion and Lifestyle, Cost of Basic Items, the selection and Ranking was difficult as we wanted to be as accurate as much as possible.

Take a turn down and see our Top 10 Most Expensive cities to Live in Nigeria according to Propertify   statistics.



                                                                                   Lokoja Modern Park

Lokoja  the one time capital of the British northern protectorate and it also remained a convenient administrative town for the British colonial government after the amalgamation of the northern and southern protectorates into one nation called Nigeria in 1914, Its gradually reinventing itself into national attention,  Perhaps because Lokoja is a Major getaway through which which people get to Abuja may as well have contributed to the increasing population of the town and subsequent high prices of thing in Town….



Yenagoa is the Capital city of Bayelsa State, located serenely  in the South South Part of Nigeria, Yenagoa  came to prominence in the mid 2000s when the Activities of Militant groups ravaged the Naija delta region of Nigeria. It is a town characterized by mild sea breeze that occasionally romances the atmosphere with  freshness and glamour…Lack of The town which was known to have a bountiful supply of fish and other sea foods has now almost lost its place due to Violence in the region and oil spillage complications which has undoubtedly affected the prices of food items and cost of Living in a relatively secure Neighborhoods.


                                                                      Ibadan at Night

Ibadan the capital of Oyo State is known by its amazing population, The city is an old city , flat plain and high population density. Night Life is cool in Ibadan and safety of life and property is not in doubt, Places like Bodija, Challenge are known to be highbrow area where only the high class can afford. Cost of food and transport is no much different from Lagos , It generally depends on ones interest.


Kaduna is the Capital of Kaduna State, It is the capital Head/Administrative headquarters of Northern Nigeria, sparsely settled in the vast land of the Tropical heat, Kaduna unlike other Northern states have a very good weather , building system is nothing special ,the poor class live in outskirts like mando and other places, accommodation is moderately expensive for a descent home, but only the rich attempt to live in Good homes..Food is cheap and accessible to all



Owerri is the Capital of IMO state in the south Eastern Part of Nigeria, Owerri is generally known for peace loving, Enjoyment and Delicious Native Soup (Ofe Owerri).. The population of the Owerri Municipal council is a little above 127, ooo evenly distributed in a town so littered with Exotic hotels, Pubs are commonly found and food are exotic and expensive,


                                                                                      A hotel in owerri

The locals prefer to go to the remote areas to source their needs than depend on the high prices of thing with the urban center. Accommodation is a bit expensive making the whole Owerri town look a bit exclusive and more comfortable  for middle income earners and the upper class



                   Upper Iweka Onitsha At Night

Onitsha is the commercial Nerve center of Anambra State, A densly Populated town with Lots of Industries and Factories littered all over little space, Onitsha has a unique building pattern of medium height-high rise building (Storey Building) of few floors above the ground uniquely arranged in a superb arrays : The building system is so compact that you’d be wondering how the occupants access oxygen, Unfortunately most of this high rise buildings lack water supply to the floors which makes the occupants to come down to fetch water from the down floor.

Living cost in Onitsha is mixed, some things are affordable while some are generally very expensive, Transportation especially with Okada(commercial Motorcycle) is very expensive,. So generally Living in Onitsha is a little more expensive than the neighboring Asaba in Delta State.



Beautiful town, Quiet, serene and known for rich culture, a tourism destination that houses most of the sophisticated endowments of nature, Tinapa is a wonderful place to experience, Transport system is developed and convenient, Accommodation for both residency and short stay is very high, The locals seem used to and comfortable with the situation, Life is generally of high standard in Calabar.


3. PortHarcourt.

                                                                                                  Rumola at Night

Port Harcout is the capital of Rivers state is is characterized by busy lifestyle, millions of commercial activities take place here, Food, transportation, Accomodation, cost of Items are generally very expensive, Sachet water (Pure water are popularly called) can go as much as NGN 2o per sachet

Traffic situation can be hellish expecially along the Major Aba road from Eleme Junction through Rumokrueshi, down to Rumuola and artillary to Mile 1 market worst on Wednesdays due to oil mill market.




Lagos, the city-state-city of Lagos is a wonderful place, everything is just possible in Lagos, Accommodation is unimaginable so expensive, so many people up to take their gain from the house been rented or sold,  Multiple Agents, The Omoniles, and etc, all this make a lot of people in Lagos live under the bridge, Transportation in Lagos is crazily expensive and impossible, between Iyana Ipaja to Apapa wharf, One might spend NGN 3,000 on commercial bus system and Motorcycles due to the traffic gridlock. its just a terrible situation, the Lovely UBER and Taxify know they don’t have business with some routes in Lagos.

Food, Fashion and general lifestyle in Lagos is expensive and requires conscious effort to remain in Lagos…



FCT ABUJA is the capital of Nigeria, its modern, lovely and requires no one to tell you that Mr President lives here, Accommodation goes as much as 4 million per year in some areas for a 2 bedroom apartment. Thats just why it ranks 1 in our list.





Rachael is a graduate of English. She proceeded to study Journalism and Presentation at National Broadcast Academy Lagos. A Guest Presenter at Gotel FM Yola and a blogger.

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