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6 Things Successful Real Estate Agents Do

6 Things  Successful Real Estate Agents Do

6 Things Successful Real Estate Agents Do


1. They Properly Describe The Property they are Promoting.

This is one area most Agents/Agencies get  it wrong. The way you present your property to the prospective buyer is very important.

Come to think of it, any serious buyer  won’t  be attracted to drab looking images or a poor description of a property. As it is important in every sales community to clearly and succintly describe what you’re selling, so also it applies to real estate.

Advice: Take clear and clean (non-doctored) pictures from different angles and inside of the property.

Write a detailed description of the property, indicating how long the property has lasted, location, neighborhood, opportunities in the area, accessibility to other facilities like schools, hospitals, airport etc,. Also try to explain why the prospective client can’t afford to miss the purchase. With this, 40% of the attention of a real buyer is already attracted.


2. They Listen Keenly to their Prospects:

When a proper description, listing and promotion have been done, inquiries are expected to begin. The most important skill in sales is  listening skill. When in communication with a prospect, ask open-ended questions to learn more about their Real-Estate needs because it makes them feel important and shows you’re more concerned about gratifying their demands than making money. Then, be sure to ask relevant follow up questions to show you accurately listened to their needs.

3. They Properly Brand themselves.

There are so many Real Estate agents, both experienced and inexperienced, rookies and experts, but one thing unites them all: the ability to close a deal.

Property owners allow  different agents to promote their properties, which bring about multiple listing in different portals.

Ask yourself:

How would prospects believe and trust a property linked to my name or profile?

Why would a client want to work with me over other competitors?

This is the point where Agent/Agency profiling is important. You will need to create a unique signature around your listing for long tem best perfomances. be ready to share the experience of what business method provides with prospects so they can see why you’re the perfect professional to bring their vision to life.

4. They Focus on Giving best Values.

Successful Agents focus on the value they give to prospects/clients. They make them see why they’re the best real estate agent around, align themselves with their clients timing and they don’t get too pushy to close  a deal.


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Give grater value, don’t just trust on low price, most people don’t even prefer cheap properties or neighborhood, recommend properties and ask even your prospects to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

5. They Recognize Buying Signals.

One of the gratest mistakes most real estate agents/agencies make is that they don’t ask for the sale when prospects is providing buying signals. Key buying signals include: Referencing your business as part of their event, asking to hold a date in your schedule or if you have a contract ready, and asking about accepted payment options.

6. They Ask for the sale.

It may seem obvious but it is very important to ask for the sale. Let your prospects know you would like to do business with them, ask if they are ready to move forward with a contract or payment. If they do not buy right away, don’t forget to follow up. Don’t be afraid of the “no” and come up with a response to common objections including appointments with other professionals, reviewing the budget and more.. and set a time that you can follow up and check in on their status.



Rachael is a graduate of English. She proceeded to study Journalism and Presentation at National Broadcast Academy Lagos. A Guest Presenter at Gotel FM Yola and a blogger.

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