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The Nigerian Smartest Real Estate Market Place

Propertify Nigeria is an Online Real Estate Marketplace, dedicated to providing Real estate Marketing and networking services in Nigeria. It was founded in 2015, the business was initially run offline as a Buyer-2-Seller networking frame-work.In 2017, With the suggestion and support of associates, like Hammed Lawal, Rachael Tochukwu,  cheyi Briggs, Starduck Enterprises was established.

Today, Starduck Enterprises, which was dully registered in Nigeria with CAC in 2017, flaunts Propertify Nigeria as its trade name. Over a period of 1 year, Propertify Nigeria has recorded remarkable growth, over 700 real buyers have been connected to genuine sellers using our online and offline platform, Agencies and Freelance Realtors have been creating their corporate profiles on the portal, there have been amazing success within the short period in Networking Real Buyers with Real Sellers both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Focused on delivering customer support, Propertify Nigeria boasts of delivering a personalized, quality and timely support to clients’ inquiries, requests, etc through phone, chats, emails and support ticket. Whether you are a real estate agent, agency or just looking for a smart way to locate a property any where around the country, you are certain to appreciate our numerous services and portal features.

Join the Fast growing network today. We provide you with a modern real estate property management system, which allows you to own and maintain a real estate marketplace, coordinate your clients and communicate with anyone interested in your properties.



  • We put your properties in the eyes of the right audience.
  • We combine multiple campaign¬† methods.
  • We use both online and offline advertising.
  • We deploy offline B2B Networking.
  • We Target the prospective clients directly with high technology.


  • We use advanced Property Search Technology.
  • We provide a user friendly Dashboard.
  • You can easily manage and delete your expired properties.
  • Simple, smart and easy to use interfaces.
  • Easy property listing technology


  • 18 hours customer support.
  • Real time Whatsapp support.
  • Less than 10 mins delay email support.
  • Support ticket and online chat support.
  • Weekend support.
  • Phone calls, email and property inspection support.


I need an opportunity to quickly dispose of my Property in Ikorodu, I contacted Propertify Nigeria and within weeks, I was able to get a buyer and the deal was concluded clean and clear. I will always recommend Propertify to anyone who wants to sell a Landed property.

by Hammed Muyiwa Lawal General Manager , R2W Global Limited


My Mum needed to sell our House in Upper Chime Enugu, she has handed the property to couple of Agents but we couldn't get a buyer, I decided to search for online marketers and I saw Propertify Nigeria. They helped us get a buyer within 15 days and today we are happy to have sold the house. Propertify Nigeria is probably the best.

by Ukamaka Gladys Eze PHD Student , University of Ibadan


Through Propertify Nigeria, I was able to buy a property Immediately I landed Nigeria without Hassles. I met an agent who gave me good treat and good attentions. I will commend propertify Nigeria for good Services, prompt responses and a Cheerful team.

by Theoliphilus Okilo Tech Engineer , United States of America

I have seen a couple of Online Real Estate Companies, But what Amazes me about Propertify Team is how Promptly they respond to even Minor inquiries, I am greatly inspired

by Godspower Oshodin MD/CEO , Godspower Oshodin Global Foundation