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Real Estate Selling Tips

As a sales agent, remember you won’t always sell, this is  because not every prospect has the capability of buying, most people only want to inquire about a property while others are just mere time wasters.

While we try to encourage you to master the selling act, you should be able to identify real buyers from the first encounter, experience made us know that most sells come from referrals. Please maintain the following tips to become a successful sales person in real estate.

1.Don’t make a Prospect feel you’re desperate to Sell
2.Be very professional same time friendly
3.Be Real, Rich people are very wise and smart
4.Maintain few words and be very coordinated

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5. Ask for assistance when need arises
6. Don’t pretend to know everything, accept that you can make mistakes
7. Dress Simple and smart when going for inspection.
8. Always research for new things in real estate world
9. Know your terrain very well.



Rachael is a graduate of English. She proceeded to study Journalism and Presentation at National Broadcast Academy Lagos. A Guest Presenter at Gotel FM Yola and a blogger.

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