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I can't See A Property I submitted

Probably because we didn’t approve it, due to the following reasons.

  1. No profile Image
  2. Poor description of Oneself
  3. You added commas to the price when Listing
  4. Deceptive description of property or oneself

Can I Trust Properties on Propertify Nigeria ?

We at Propertify Nigeria are doing our best to protect our cooperate Identity, our clients and the Image of the real Estate Industry, we do our best to verify properties, Agents and Agencies before we accept properties from them, meanwhile, we advice you don’t pay money out-rightly for any purchase unless after due verification, we also suggest you first contact Agents through the agent/Agency contact form on our portal

Whats the coverage Area of Propertify ?

Currently Propertify Covers Lagos and Environs, Abuja and Port Harcourt

Can I pay For a House I see on Propertify Nigeria ?

Yes After due documentations and verification, you should pay for a property seen on Propertify

Must I pay Money to List Houses on Propertify ?

No. Propertify allows Agents and Agencies to list Properties free of Charge on Propertify. But a client that wants to enjoy premium Services like Propertify Super Promotion Network, will be required to pay a token for the exclusive premium advertising services