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A Must Read for New Real Estate Agents

A Must Read for New Real Estate Agents

A Must Read for New Real Estate Agents

This article was specifically written for first year Real Estate Agents, Aspiring Realtors and Agents who hasn’t made any sales since inception, the article seeks to provide key ways to be in business, generate Leads and close deals.

We tried to itemize specific  points that would lead to an amazing success,  feel free to contact us or drop us a comment below to get more clarifications.


Being an Agent is not a Career:

You need to quickly assimilate this, being a property agent is entrepreneurship, it means you’re fully in your own business, with all the attributes of business all propping up. It means you will begin to master leads generation, inventory taking, it means when people have real estate needs/problem they should call you.

This article is based on research and experiences from experts some of the most successful realtors around the world, an advice some of them would give newbies in the real Estate Industry,  find below the few key facts we have Itemized.


Good training For New Realtors


Good Training

Good training is a very important aspect of becoming  successful in real estate business, unfortunately most people replace this with  mere enthusiasm and swing  into the business with little or no basic knowledge.

Ill trained or untrained agents tend to lose  interest faster along the business line resulting from a harvest-full of errors.

It’s pertinent to understand the model in the State where you practice  and to know how to project an offer, and how to properly execute a transaction, learning good practices, tips and mastering the entire literature of Real Estate from the beginning will help your career immensely.





Think  On How To Genuinely Help People

The best way to generate leads is to genuinely think about caring for the people, solving people’s problems, this is because people like to deal with people who can genuinely show  they care about them.

Imagine you selflessly helped someone ,who knows you as a property agent, to secure an apartment in one part of town, they will always want to recommend you to others even for a bigger contracts.

Staying in touch with clients cannot be replaced even by the best of technological tools.

Become an Online Real Estate Community Expert

Becoming an online community expert in your territory may stand you out. Provide rich information about your territory and your real estate jurisdiction, provide information about safety of the area, malls, Shops, food, access to market, Water supply electricity status, Hospitals, attract people to your online pages with rich contents around their  interests.

This will not only  help new agents learn all the inventory in their local markets , but it also gets them familiar with driving through all the subdivisions and neighborhoods.



Rachael is a graduate of English. She proceeded to study Journalism and Presentation at National Broadcast Academy Lagos. A Guest Presenter at Gotel FM Yola and a blogger.

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