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As a real estate agent or a property owner, it becomes very disheartening to see a property you put for sale remain in the market for weeks to months unsold, Ideally, it the desire of every House owner or real estate personnel to speedily sell off their property when put on sale:
If you have decided to put your house on sale, Real estate agents and experts recommend few things that will surely help in making your house and property noticed.

The following tips are vital if you want to sell your house as fast as possible especially as a property House owner

Hiring a good agent/Listing in a Reputable Website

A good real-estate agent, would help in selling your house fast. Of course, it would mean that you would be giving commission to the agent when the sale is concluded. But real-estate agents would have enough contacts and tools that could be used creatively to clinch to deal. When choosing an agent, make sure to check their references, background, and experience. An agent should have knowledge about your neigborhood and its market history. You can as well list with companies like Propertify Nigeria

Name a good price.

Price is always important, it could either make or break the sale of your home. Your real estate agent should have an idea on what would be the appropriate price for your house and the price range in the location. A house which is too expensive may push away prospective clients while a very low price may raise some questions on the credibility of the property. You could ask your agent to do a comparable market analyses (CMA) to get an idea on how much were the houses in your area sold for.


People would want to visit and live in a nice home, not a messy one. Remove clutter and tidy up. Put away things that are not frequently used. If potential buyers are coming over to check the house, it is to put away photos from walls and shelves. Potential buyers are not interested in looking at your holiday pictures, they are more interested in picturing themselves in your lovely home. Make your house look more spacious by getting rid of unnecessary furniture, clearing out cabinets, and removing items on top of tables and shelves.

Home staging

Home staging is another aspect on real-estate marketing. A home seller could get a home stager, the real-estate agent may offer similar services or the sellers could learn how to stage their space for buyers. Home staging is about redesigning or arranging furniture around the home to make it more neutral, homey and comfortable for the clients. Home staging would be able to help the clients picture themselves in the house and eventually purchase it.

Fix things

You could fix minor problems in the house like broken faucets or window treatments. Take note of these problems when you check your house. It would indeed take time and effort, but would be worth it. Simple home improvement repairs could just be small things but buyers would be able to notice them.

Leave the house

When prospective clients will visit your house, it is better not to be there. Of course, you would like to make people see how great the house is, but it would be uncomfortable for both buyer and seller. Buyers would not be able to talk to the agents about their real opinion of the real estate and property. Aside from that, buyers would be able to ask questions freely, if the owner is not present.



Rachael is a graduate of English. She proceeded to study Journalism and Presentation at National Broadcast Academy Lagos. A Guest Presenter at Gotel FM Yola and a blogger.

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5 thoughts on “HOW TO SELL YOUR HOUSE 200% FASTER”


    June 23, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    Please I have house and plot for sale in Keffi Nassarawa State. The location of the house is opposite Nassarawa State university keffi gate. And the plot is beside federal medical center layout keffi, Nassarawa State. My properties are genuine I have all the ligal documents that guarantees me for that.


    June 23, 2019 at 10:08 pm

    Please I have house and plot for sale in Keffi Nassarawa State. The location of the house is opposite Nassarawa State university keffi. And the plot is beside federal medical center layout keffi, Nassarawa State.

  • ademola adeyemo

    June 8, 2019 at 2:20 pm

    Hi please I have a property house for sale in a very good environment at ikorodu Lagos state all necessary ducoment are available well copletend building two flat price #16m contact [email protected]

  • Babarinde Lukman Adetunji

    May 29, 2019 at 2:08 pm

    Hi, please I have a plot of land for sale in a very good environment at Mowe, Ogun state .All necessary documents are available…
    Price: #6.5million. Contact: [email protected]

  • Lazarus C. Ufombah

    May 11, 2019 at 4:52 am

    I have a big hotel for sale in Saans, the Delta State capital, Nigeria. I built the hotel myself. The property is in the main town of Asabab and along the Benin expressway. It also in the direction of the Asabab international airport. I have a C. Of O. issued me by the State Govt when I bought the land upon which I built. Interested buyers should contact me , Ogbuehi L. C. Ufombah


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