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Top Ways to Sell a Land in Nigeria 2020

Top Ways to Sell a Land in Nigeria 2020

Top Ways to Sell a Land in Nigeria 2020

Selling a Land in Nigeria  may be a daunting task if not followed the right way. It is also the easiest thing to sell in the real estate industry.

There are many factors that are likely to increase or decrease the chances of selling a Land in Nigeria, some of these include: location, price, size of the land etc.

In this article, we have highlighted the easiest  ways to sell a land in Nigeria, some of these methods may not be suitable for every piece of land but some certainly would.

Bush Clearing:

Depending on the location of the land or what the land was previously used for,  clearing the land of grasses, debris or anything that will make it clumsy is very advisable.

Land Clearing will  help reveal:

  • The actual size
  • The Topography
  • The Markings on the land
  • The length and width of the land

Some Lands you can purchase in Nigeria

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Consider Fixing a Good Price:

Price can scare or attract buyers. It is advisable to get an idea of the price of lands within a region then fix the right price.

List Online:

This always comes to mind, however, its not the easiest way to sell a property.

It’s unfortunately not a guaranteed way of getting a genuine buyers but it does a lot by making the property visible to almost the entire world.

Most property investors won’t prefer online options,  however, it is most advisable to list your properties in reputable and dedicated property listing companies like Propertify Nigeria, Propertypro or Nigeria Property center.

Talk to Family and Friends:

This is another worthy means of easy sale, a family or friend may  know someone who wants to buy land.

Letting the family or friend know of his commission should they bring a buyer,  would make a difference.

This always works especially if you’re someone who stays true to your words.


Put a “LAND FOR SALE” Sign:

This is an old method of selling a land, it dates back to the history yet it’s very advisable method. Take a clear board and clearly mark the land ‘FOR SALE’ with your full contact phone number clearly written on it. This will enable you get the attention of passers-by and even the people your other types of advertising won’t get to.

Promote on Social Media:

Today, social media has become the mainstay of all business and trades, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can easily make an information go round faster than even the traditional advertising media.

Talk to your Organisation (Work place, Church):

As trivial as this method may seem, it is certain to do wonder, you could talk to your organisation, Church, Mosque, groups and just anywhere you know you could get the attention of many people as much as you can.

There are a lot more ways you can use, including giving the land to a dedicated agent or directly mailing big companies to acquire the property from you.

Finally, take home the fact that selling Land is a lot easier if it’s  located in a commercially viable place.

Let’s hear your opinion below.



Rachael is a graduate of English. She proceeded to study Journalism and Presentation at National Broadcast Academy Lagos. A Guest Presenter at Gotel FM Yola and a blogger.

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