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Our rating is based on our private research, personal experience, customers review, technologies used, flexibility and website’s user’s experience.

We don’t guarantee 100% accuracy, however,  our research was thorough and reflects our deep industry experience, therefore,  we have made a comprehensive,  up-to-date list of standard property listing websites in Nigeria.

More so, we would like to clarify the meaning of property Listing websites in context, to provide for proper understanding of our rating.

A Real estate property Listing portal,  is a website where Property Owners, Realtors, Solicitors and Brokers etc, post their Real estate properties either for free, subscription or by free but paid promoted advertising, so as to attract interested buyers or renters within and outside the country.

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Our lists however, does not include websites that provide classified listing of general properties, eg cars, wears , houses etc. eg. Jumia   Jiji  or forums like Nairaland

For the purpose of our rating, we have chosen the companies who are exclusively into Real estate property listing .


10. Nigeria Property Market

Nigeria Property Market

View Website

Nigeria Property Market is a superbly designed website with user satisfaction in mind, more-so,  property search is easy and website is generally user friendly, good website color harmony. it currently stands as the top 10 of the property Listing websites in Nigeria.


9: Realtor NG

Realtor NG is a top notch real estate listing website with almost the best interface, it has a high google/search engine ranking, most users would agree that, the website is smart, easy to use and very navigation friendly.

Realtor NG

                                       view website



View Website

Hutbay, though with a very beautiful website took a little longer time to load, Hutbay is a big name in the industry, and you may want to try them out, they certainly seem to be a sophisticated hidden secret, their mode of operation, website and entire business model define uniqueness and sophistication.

7.Property 24



Visit Website

In our own judgement, apart from Propertify website that has the most advanced and user friendly user-dashboard, we would have assumed property24 is the best real estate portal in Nigeria,  website responsiveness is unique, coverage and search engine ranking is world class, properties on this portal lacks no visibility .


6. Castles


Castles is a house hold name in real estate business in Nigeria, their combination of unique web portal and offline Magazine give them an outstanding brand Image, though we are not particularly comfortable with the color harmony of their website but this is immediately overcome by the simplified nature and property search flexibility of the website.


5. Private Property Nigeria


View Website

Private property Nigeria may as well be prided as the Largest property database in Nigeria, though not much is known about active and expired properties management, but we know their online presence both in Nigeria and abroad is superb, Portal is unique and user friend, property search is easy and straight to the results.

4. Naija Property

Naija property

Naija Property is a unique property listing website, founded in 2010,  the company has remained in the forefront of property listing services in Nigeria since then, with millions of views and smart search features, Naija property is indeed a worthy trial of you want to quickly sell of your property.

View Website

3. Propertify Nigeria


View Website

This Company started slowly but with the way they are going, it is estimated to take over the virtual real estate industry in Nigeria in a short time, with remarkable visibility, user interface, and easy of search, property Nigeria flaunts the reputation of prompt and quality service delivery, with a near zero seconds response rate, If selling your property is pretty urgent, you may wish to try them out today. It currently stands at No 3 in the Nigeria top Property Listing websites.




View Website

PropertyPro is currently,  without doubts, the Nigerian top online real estate portal, highly promoted, highly indexed by search engines, globaly visible, their business model is unique, users and clients argued their satisfaction with is unquestionable. Website is updated regularly, They are innovative and pays serious attention to detail and benchmarking. Its really a business to watch out for.


1.Nigeria Property Center


View Website/a>

Nigeria Property center is an outstanding Online Property Listing portal, everything about the portal is special. this is simply the Nigerian No 1. try it out and see the difference.





Rachael is a graduate of English. She proceeded to study Journalism and Presentation at National Broadcast Academy Lagos. A Guest Presenter at Gotel FM Yola and a blogger.

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11 thoughts on “TOP 10 PROPERTY LISTING WEBSITES IN NIG. (2020)”

  • Petco

    June 2, 2020 at 2:15 pm

    Residential Land for sale
    Size per plot – 640sqm
    special features
    location: aton-ota
    free from acquisition
    20 mins drive from living faith canaan land church ota, ogun state, Nigeria
    Email- [email protected]
    For more information.

  • Fidelis

    March 29, 2020 at 10:50 pm

    Great post Rachael but you forgot to add

  • Eljydoski

    February 11, 2020 at 8:32 am

    If you have been looking for an opportunity to own a part of Banana Island,thenn this is for you and you have got to act immediately.

    It was impossible owning a home on Banana Island Estate because of the pricing,but it is now achievable with us.We are offering a 3 bedroom flat for 69.9m ₦ outright, by *OCEAN PARADE TOWER* Banana Island. You can also do a 12- month plan on this offer.

    Contact el jydoski properties on
    08133059314(calls and whatsapp)

  • Ola

    January 29, 2020 at 5:02 pm

    Zilt investment Ltd is a real estate firm that delivers land free from Government acquisition, land settlers (omo onile) and other problems associated with land transactions.
    They have for sale, land suitable for Intensive agriculture, Industries, Building Higher Institutions, and Investment. Their Investment plan envisages buying for any of the following reasons; child future plan (buying to secure the future of a child/children), AGRIC. PLAN (buying for all types of agriculture), appreciation plan (buying to selling when it would have appreciated.), building plan (buying to build).
    They have land for sale in various locations with different prices for different use.
    Ajiboro 189,000 plot
    Ilaju 800,000 acre
    Bako 5,000,000 plot
    Ciba(apata) 800,000 plot
    Ajayiga(elebu) 800,000 plot
    Ajia(badeku) 600,000 300 sqm
    Moniya 389,000 plot

    You can call this number: 07017905013
    Their official website:

  • richard

    November 7, 2019 at 9:08 pm

    Why do you keep paying yearly rent of #500,000 to #1,000,000 for 2 to 3 bedroom to your landlord for the past ten years and you keep paying the rent without you thinking of having your own house,if the landlord did not own their own house ,how will you be able to rent that house you stay presently.

    Let do simple calculation
    Let assume you pay yearly rent of #500,000 yearly in ten years time it would have paid 500,000 x10 equal #5,000,000 (five million naira) ,in FLOURISH GARDEN ESTATE with #6million you can get 2 bedroom total construction in flourish garden estate and save your money of paying rent ,and plan for the future of your life,your family,your children and for your old age.
    If you are paying yearly rent of #1,000,000 in 10 years then you would be paid #10 million naira, That can give you 2,3 bedroom or galaxy building in FLOURISH GARDEN ESTATE .

    You can see many tenant keep wasting money on rent which would have buy them their own house, in 10 to 20 years time, many would have lost this golden opportunity to become house owner and they will keep paying rent till their old age and your children will continue paying rent till they buy their own houses.

    Paying rent yearly ,is this your plan for your life ,for your children ,to keep paying rent or to own your own house with 360 degree emn installment payment plan over 36 month paying initial deposit of 10% of the total cost of the kind of housing unit you want
    land and property is an asset while Car is a liability that take money away from you unless the car is help you to generate income.
    The money you pay for rent is a liability to you but assets to the landlord.

    Land and properties is an investment on how to double your money. Property is only assets that appreciate over time and very safe for investor, increase on your capital invested and all rich men and women in the world are into investment of property.
    At flousih garden estate ,land was sold for #900,000 ,after 2 years same land cost #2,000,000 and those invested in the land then have increase in the value of the land they bought for 900,000 which they have increase in value of #1,100,000 million naira.
    At flourish garden estate we encourage ,people to buy building of house instead of buying of land.

    Our building plan help you to save time,save you stress,avoid payment of workers,avoid you going to superview the project and ensure the building is properly constructed to meet what you want as our client

    FLOURISH GARDEN, is an estate own by 360 degree EMN ,which is located beside redemption youth camp lagos-ibadan expressway mowe ogun state.
    The estate is about 120 acres dry land which close to main express,that is good excess for your movement. The estate C of O file number is ow/rt/c686
    It is 20 min drive to Berger bus stop and 3 min drive from and to redemption camp.The estate have good layout plan which building of schools,shopping mall,recreation center in the commercial part of the estate.

    The estate is a dry-land capable of having building structure of different designs
    At Flourish Garden Estate we build your house for you instead of buying land and we take away the stress of building your house.
    We have block molding machine at the estate for current building going on at the estate
    We have good payment plan which you can pay out rightly or pay installment and spread the payment over the years.
    2018 is the year you can own your own house at FLOURISH GARDEN CITY ESTATE.

    Mr raji heard about Flourish Garden city on the radio and he came to 360 degree office at 2A IYALLA street beside shopright ikeja. He was taken to the estate for inspection and we encourage him to take after the construction plan of building a house instead of buying land and waiting for long time before building. he is to pay for 36 month and spread the payment with initial deposit of 10%. Today we have hand over his house to him.
    We told him we have three type of construction plan
    Partial ,total and galaxy .

    He decided to build partial construction. Which the price is #4million naira which include the land and the building he started with install-mental payment and he spread the payment over some time within six month his property is ready.He had show his friends his house and they have started making payment for building their own houses.
    Many other people are started their own project at FLOURISH GARDEN CITY ESTATE.

    The price of our construction will change any moment from now, take that advantage of our promo running presently.

    Building his house at flourish garden city is safe for him
    He pay install-mental payment and spread his payment for his construction over the years

    He only visited his house during building process about 3 times before completion
    He never worry about how many blocks and cements to buy
    He never worry about how to pay workers at the site
    He never worry to visit the site every week
    He never worry how to pay area boys
    He never worry to buy sand and how to transport it to the site
    He pay 10% initial payment and repayment plan for two years

    The total years of spread of payment is 5years.
    After paying 60% of the total cost of building we had over the building to you.
    360 degree take care of all the building process,all you need to do come to our office then we take you for inspection,you make initial payment and you building start and you spread the payment. With six to eight month your house is ready.

    the estate will have Good road network, portable water,Electricity,Kiddies zone, Gym & Sport facilities,

    Note: a tenant is a tenant no matter the location ,one day the tenant will leave that property either to another rented house or his or her own house, what is your decision.
    360 DEGREE EMN INTRODUCE YOU TO THE VARIOUS TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION WE DO FOR 2,3,4,DUPLEX and different kind of building construction


    This is a type of building construction which involves the development of the property from the ground level to the roof excluding the finishing of the interior and exterior of building .

    There will not be plastering of the wall both in and out, no fitting of the doors and windows
    This type of building construction is usually use to secure your land or if the land owner have some financial constrain

    This is a type of building construction which involves the development of the property from the ground level to the roof including the finishing of interior and exterior of the building, after completion it will be ready to be use.
    All the building material to be use are of quality material

    This is a type of building construction which involves the development of the property from the ground level to the roof including the finishing of interior and exterior of building with special construction features which are: Sport Light P.O.P Design, Terrace Aluminum, Italian Tiles, water heater, Italian Jacuzzi, Magic Paint/Italian Wax Paints, Toilet Tiles to the ceiling, All rooms tiles, Conduit Plastering,6.5mm Aluminum Roofing, Window Frame Design, Side Elevation Frame Design, Compound tiling with interlocking stones, Fences and Gate, Pillars designs and visitors toilet


    2 BEDROOM IS #6M
    3 BEDROOM IS #7.5M

    3BEDROOM IS #10M

    For inspection call
    Tel: Mr. Richard 08024995989 call and whats-app.

  • Oluwarotimi Omotola

    September 4, 2019 at 11:24 am

    An uncompleted two bedroom flat (roofed) built on a plot of land is available for sale in first gate igoba Akure Ondo state. Contact 08067920313 for details, All documents available. Price. 1.6m


    August 16, 2019 at 11:33 pm

    We Are Duly Registered Real Estate Company In Nigeria, CJ BROWN REAL ESTATE GLOBAL SERVICES NIGERIA LTD invite you to partner with us and benefit a professional levels of services we provide to our clients We have lucrative choice areas landed properties and buildings ready for sales in this States Listed below.

    Lagos State, F.C.T Abuja, Rivers State. IMO State. Akwa Ibom State. Abia State. awka Anambra State. Cross River. State. Delta State. Enugu State. located at the heart of the cites and several other places
    available for sales.

    our goals are to develop, buy, sell or rent properties in Nigeria.

    Our previous track records speaks for us in the services we provide. at CJ Brown Real Estate Global Services Nig. Ltd ® we handle all services with a high level of professionals quality as our client satisfactions is our topmost priority.
    For more enquiries kindly contact us.

    Mr. Chigozie Anebere
    Chief executive officer
    Phone Number: +2348037758928

  • Emmanuel

    June 14, 2019 at 7:53 pm

    Nice post but I suggest you add, they are great in helping people purchase anything whether real estate or products

  • Rachael

    May 25, 2019 at 2:13 pm

    @Uche Okorie, as at when this blog was published, Nigerian Property Center was best fit at the position it is on this blog, our researchers on watching the industry closely again and will soon publish an updated research report,

    Thank you for checking us out,

  • Uche Okorie

    May 21, 2019 at 9:02 am

    I will put above most of these property websites that you listed. Yes this company is new to the property portal world in Nigeria. I think they only launched in middle 2019 but the look and feel of their website and the simplicity of their dashboard is very impressive. It reminds me of the UK website I think the website is a hidden gem.

  • Lazarus C. Ufombah

    May 11, 2019 at 4:42 am

    I have a hotel with 56 commercial rooms in Asaba, the capital of Delta State Nigeria. I built the hotel myself. The property is the main town of Asabab, near the Benin expressway and close the International airport. Interested buyer should contact me, the owner.
    Ogbuehi Ufombah, L. C.

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